Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another bored day in Perth

After several months of being an unemployed, I am finally got a job as a waitress. I am very struggle inside my heart as I don't want to be a waitress with low pay, but I have no other choice. I am not happy at all, but I have to enjoy and be appreciate on what I have now. I have accepted the true, and accepted this as realistic. 

I am currently working in Papparich @ Northbridge, please feel free to drop by and say hi to me. :) 

My very first meal in Papparich! 

A selfie before work... with uniform...

My parents are coming to Perth for my graduation ceremony on next week! I can't wait to see them, and enjoy my holiday! At the same time, I wish my beloved friends will be free to attend my graduation ceremony, I can't wait to be officially a registered nurse! :P


Girls always craving for dessert no matter when.

A photo of dessert to end my random post. 

A very yummy cake from MyCheesecakeShop. ;P

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