Sunday, August 17, 2014

Random Random

I like to make dessert, but doesn't like to eat. My poor Eddie is the one who eat all what I made, and get my blame on being fat. haha! 

I used to make oreo cheesecake and tiramisu everytime when I feel like dessert. Recently, I am craving for something special. So I made ondeh-ondeh. 

It looks much more better than it taste. Why? because the sugar inside spilled out when, so you can only eat the mochi and coconut flake. 

I deserve nothing. 

I always keep this on my mind, because I am. I am very desperate these days, but no one understand me well. I feel like crying out loudly, but I don't even deserve to cry. I've never ever feel of dying, but I do now. The feeling of dark on your pathway, no direction at all and no one can give you a hand. What should I do? Can someone please give me a hand or show me the right direction even with a little candle? 

I always question myself with how to earn money and what do I want to do. I am confused. Because I am nothing. What should I do? No one can answer me, not even myself. I know what I want, but the hardest part it how to achieve. I want an opportunity, which I can achieve on something and make my life alive. 

I am desperate, but at the same time, I am thankful to my family, Eddie and Dorothy for being supportive mentally and physically. time to sleep, to get off all my negative and being positive. Cheer up myself and be a happy Eunice Lai. 

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