Saturday, September 13, 2014


I spent my week with my family. That was an unforgettable memories. My parents was traveled to Perth for my graduation ceremony with my younger brother and sister. I am happy and appreciate that they are able to spend some time all the way travel here just for my graduation ceremony. I love spending time with my family. 

This holiday was really special and is important to me. Firstly, it was my graduation ceremony. I believe everyone love to have their love one to be there to witness their success. Family meant a lot to me, they are always my first priority. As long as i know they are happy and healthy, I will be happy. Secondly, we are able to build our relationship between, get understanding, and knowing each other more. 

My baby lok has grown up. A cute little brother has taller than me and speak like a adult. But he is very shy and still cute anyway. =) 

I am finally and officially graduated from degree of health science (nursing). *applause* 

4 years studied have been difficult for me and my parents. To be honest, my family have average income with huge amount of expense, as we have 6 children in the family. My sister and I was studied in Australia and others are studying in Malaysia. 爸爸妈妈是家里的支驻  我以你们为傲!I am really proud of having them as my parents. Although they are not graduate from school, they still teach me well and brought me up no matter how hard. Parents always give their best to their child, which my parent does to me and my sibling. 

家家有本难念的经~ 一家不知一家事~
PS: Do not judge people by looking at their appearance, family background, qualification, skin colour, eyes colour, hair colour........



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