Friday, April 6, 2012

Ciao Italia

Finally we went to Ciao Italia @South Perth
We were planned to go there since 2 weeks before
We planned to console our stomach with the delicious food, after all the assignment and test done~
So everyone was excited to be there with relaxing mood and starving stomach

31 March 2012
Yes! Is today~
We were planned to arrived there around 5.30pm, but end up we arrived at 6.30pm.
Because it's Saturday, also we went there by public transport.
Is only 6.30pm when we arrived there, but outside the restaurant was starting to form a long line. Our name is quite behind of the list, so we have no choice, have to wait!

After one hour....(7.30pm)

wooot! we got the seat!
Everyone is tiring and starving~
The time after we ordered, the customers around us are attracting us to watch them have the delicious meal...Can you imaging, when you are so hungry, and everyone is having yummy food around you! grrrrr~

I feel sorry, as Ciao Italia cant try without Tiramisu. 
Felt regret, I should have it, no matter how full am I ! 
I miss the tiramisu so much!
Is so YUMMY~

Here is some photo (forgive me, i'm so lazy to edit)

Heading to Ciao Italia @South Perth

Here we are!

Waiting~ Waiting~ Waiting~

Looking at the menu~

The Girlsssss~
(Ashley, Carmen, Yuri, Eunice, Denise)

The sister 

Here is the foodsss~
"Ciao Italia"

"Risotto Marinara"

*Forgot the name*

*The End*
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