Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i feel sooo boring, so upload my ugly face.

recently feel teeth pain :(
trying to drink as much of water.
hope it won be very pain

my school had start on Monday
1st day to school,
went out from house early.
i didn't late
when i arrive my class,
i still have 15min+ to take rest
Business Mathematics
no need intro myself
i love mathematics
business mathematics just like add math+math
the lecture teach very fast
but luckily i still can done myself

Tuesday's class
Introduction to Computing
all about technology
our homework is not do at home
we must finish in class only can go back
our homework is straight away type in computer
then post. =)
not bad
but have trouble sometime.

Wednesday no class.
stoned at house, moody
i can't on my computer 24 hour as before
my broadband on 3 GB
i scare finish dy cannot online

tomorrow, Thursday also no class
until Friday =)
*Communication Skill 1 & Biology*
gonna in school from 8.30 until 5.30
hope Friday wouldn't rain

today my backbone damn pain,
don't know is't because i walk too much, or sit too much or sleep not well :(

U know to EMO i also know !!!

Must study hard hard then can fast fast finish the course only can go back M'sia
I don't want to stay down for every sem. +U.. =)

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