Saturday, July 10, 2010


Didn't sleep well for two days dy..
I'm kinda crazy now.
feel wanna scold everyone.
Thursday night because raining for whole night
very noisy, so i can't get into sleep.
Friday awake early
because have to go to school
whole Friday just keep raining
i hate the weather
after biology class
walk back as usual using umbrella
decide to sleep until dinner time
but Janie (home ma) open music loudly until dinner time
never mind
so i just edit my blogger until dinner time
Saturday wanna sleep until as late as i can
but many noise start on 8am
feel wanna cry out dy
1st noise, Mike (home pa) ask someone to fix the air-con at living room
2nd noise, Janie (home ma) using the vacuum cleaner
3rd noise is from the dryer, just beside my room and normally they use it in the afternoon
4th Mike open music loudly and sing loudly
5th the noisy of the rain
Melissa Beh, My lovely Bestie..I Love You
Wish you pretty and pretty and your dreams may come true=)

Kinda LOVE my blog...any comment with the new look??
sleep early babe~~!!
good night~~!!
Tomorrow's topic "Bout 10 of July"
stay tuned~~!! xoxo~~!!


  1. hoho..XDD so charm..~ no comment..:D i be the 1st one laa..xDDDD

    nice blog.!!!!

  2. of course not comment la...all comment in my msn and chat box...==''
    and this post just update not until onr hour *the time u comment and i blog.. =)