Saturday, April 6, 2013


It's study free week! 
I went out with dotty for lunch at Thailicious, since I havent try any Thailand food in Perth. Also, because i am craving for mango sweet sticky rice! HAHA~The lunch is also considered as our little assignment break, to let our brain have a rest. 

Dress up will made my day~ :)

Outfit of the day!

Thailicious Restaurant, Northbridge
The environment is very comfy to sit in, and the decoration have the feeling of Thailand.... The waitress was straight given us water and menu once we sit down. Service seems not bad. 

The lady - Dotty Potty

My food - Tom Kha Chicken with steam rice
It taste milky, and a little bit sour. I prefer to be spicy, but it isn't. A little disappointed because isn't spicy. But the overall still OK.

 Dott's food - Som Tum and Thailicious BBQ Chicken with sticky rice
The papaya salad was good. The BBQ chicken was ordinary, not much special. However, the sticky rice is disappointed me. Was OK, but the sticky rice doesn't taste like what I think. 

HAHA! Fighting with her sticky rice~

We didnt manage to order mango sweet sticky rice, because we are full. 
But i will definitely try next day!
Hopefully what I order next time is not disappointing me. :)

N E X T  S T A T I O N !

Meet Fresh!
*Can you believe Dott havent try this before! because is too asian?! HAHA

I ordered a signature herbal jelly, hope this is not disappointing Dott. 

We forgot to take a photo together! sign*
Nevermind~ because we always hang out, and always have the same classes! :P

Selca~! :)
I am a happy kid~ :P

Back to our assignment! This is what called LIFE~! 
I am wishing that I can finish my assignment ASAP, and can enjoy my holidays on June~ 
Forcing myself to have a good time management! Finish up those assignment ASAP, and have more time to study, to do revision, and also to double check my assignment!! 
Uni are suck!! but uni are love!! 



Good night

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