Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Mistake

Why all the bad things happened on me? I cant belief its only April, and a few bad thing was happened on me. I cant wait until next year, or just when my luck come back to me~ I am a happy kid who always smile or laugh like nobody. But this year, my tear are about to dry~ I don't like the feeling! To be honest, I get bad headache when I cried, and even need Panadol some time. >< *hate medicine~

A lot of my friends was asking why I'm so moody. I am appreciate and happy that I have all of you in my life! :')

OK. What was happened?
I actually failed my unit, and it's only week 3. 
A lot of my friend laugh, and thought I was kidding with them~ but im serious!
I was out to prac at that moment, but because I did some medical error (please dont ask me what problem! ><), so the uni decided to fail me. I just cant accept on the fact, hiding myself, cried~ I cant believe i am so stupid and can did those medical error. Luckily there is no harm to the patient, and he is alright. I felt so guilty and really cant face the problem at the first day! Cried until I fall asleep~ I know i am stupid! Just a small mistake in nursing, but for a student, it is a SERIOUS PROBLEM! Maybe you can said the uni is too strict, but actually they are not. In this case, I am the one who make the mistake, I know I must stand out and admit my fault. So I do! I'm happy that I didnt think of any excuses, I stand out and admit my fault, I take all the consequences. I can tell you I am not a child anymore! I know is a big bump in my life, I know i will get a lot of hurt, I know the severity of consequences~ I know everything! But i also know that once I go through all this, I will grow~ I will get the experience, and I will not ever make this mistake again...and i know I will become a fantastic nurse in the future~^^ I really want to give up nursing when I go through all this, but I know once I am passed, it is worth for me! :) I like nursing~ I am the one chosen nursing!  Thank you for the nurses in the hospital for given me a lot of help~ Thank you the unit coordinator who also tried hard to help me~ Thank you my friend and family who support me (as always)~ and also Thank you the boyfiee who accompany me all the time and always by my side when I need him!   I am finally blog this out! I am gonna tell the world~ YES! I did medical error~ but I am brave! I am telling the world, just because I am facing the problem, and telling myself that I am not going to make this mistake again!  As my status "Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune. Take the mistake as your life experience, your lesson, because what happened is happened"

Thank you for those who really finish reading it! :)
Sorry for the broken english~ :P

Give a SMILE because it's HAPPENED~! 

Good Night~

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