Monday, April 1, 2013

Girls Night

A simple catch up with a good friend.Is actually not simple at all >< because I have to make appointment one week earlier with her~ She is such a "busy-body"~ lolsssss & have to keep remind her. in case she forget ><

We meet up at uni and took bus to Ciao Italian. Ciao Italia again?! YES~ because this girl missed Ciao's Tiramisu so much! :)

Ciao Italia!! We are HERE! We was waiting outside about 20minutes to get seated~ still OK...because the longest was more than one hour! HAHA~ 


Our Dee Ger Jie~ :P (she is actually one year younger than me)
Teenager's bad habit : with phone all the time! *me too~

 camwhore time~

Lemon Lime and Bitters

Garlic bread as entree

Ciao Italia as our main

Of course TIRAMISU as dessert

Polaroid of the day~


I am really enjoyed with her! 
Gossip gossip gossip
non-stop gossip as girls always~ :)
Thank you for the dinner~
Thank you for being my listener
Thank you for chosen me as your listener


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