Monday, December 17, 2012


The most excited topic for today - Foodsssss =)

A picture is worth a thousand words
Sorry for didnt arrange and edit the photo...I'm just too lazy!! :)
Lots lots and lots of photo here~ dont blame me if u feel hungry when u looking and rolling at this post. :D

Ciao Italia : Garlic bread, pasta, and tiramisu~

Ikea : Meatballs and chips

Ikea : Chicken Schnitzel with chips

Food court : Seafood pasta

Food court : Hawaiian pizza

Ikea : Chocolate mousse

Elman's Swan Valley : cocktail and starter (sausage)

Elman's Swan Valley : Pork Shank

Kai Japanese Restaurant : Starter (soft shelf crab)

Kai Japanese Restaurant : Gyoza, Pork Ramen

Kanta : Squid

Kanta : Sashimi, Scallop wrap in salmon  

Kanta : Kamo Steak (grilled duck in special teriyaki sauce),
Homemade green tea ice-cream and vanilla ice-cream with red bean paste

Bibimbap with salmon

Ice-cream in summer is a must! 


Tong's 86 korean BBQ

Baskin Robbin Ice-cream cake - green tea ice-cream filling

Homemade macaroon by me and Dorothy

Homemade dessert : 木瓜雪耳糖水

Brownie from HK

Homemade steak by HIM

Grilled prawn

Homemade Oreo Cheesecake 

Rainbow Ice

Infinity : Hot Chocolate

Homemade salmon with broccoli 

Taro-taro : 卤肉饭

Chocolateria San Churro : Churros for 2 with milk chocolate and white chocolate

Chocolateria San Churro : Chocolate Hazelnut

Maccas Breaky with hot chocolate

Instant noodle with egg and broccoli + lunchmeat


All night pizza : Hawaiian, hot chocolate

Taka : Udon with sushi

Corica Pastries : Apple Strudel 


Ciao Italia

Korean kimchi stew

Hillary's Little Ceasars : Green Tea pizza with vanilla ice-cream

Om nom nom nom nom nom~ 

I know i should separate into 2 post! but just too lazy~ :P
I already remove some photo....hope wont be too long for you! 

to be continue~ :)

Good night! 

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