Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rottnest Island

I went to Rottnest Island with my boyfie on the Christmas's Eve. This is my first went to Rottnest Island. Thank you my boyfie sponsor my for the trip because I'm POOR!~ Lolssssss. I'm serious -.-

Yay!! so exited in the morning. Woke up at 5am, catch 5.40am bus to go to my boyfie's house. Give him a little surprise and awake him! :) Also, to wake some sandwiches to bring to the Island. Because we have to save money and we are kinda POOR! :(  

This is my first time wearing bikini!!! Seriously no confidence on wearing it......><
However, I DID IT!! =P

Here is the beautiful ROTTNEST ISLAND! :)

码头: Frementle B-shed

 We are very exited while waiting the ferry and waiting to be seated..
ps: please ignore my messy hair ^^

 On the ferry! :) He's trying to act PSY! not fat enough~ ><

Welcome to Rottnest Island  

Our transport on the Island! 

Charge our energy at Dome! 

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! the stupid helmet with the beautiful background~
After awhile, we decided not to wear the stupid helmet because it's seriously look stupid! :D  

 Yay!! Beautiful view~

Outfit of the day......and the Sexy back :P 

 This is what when i feel really tired :')

More photo here! V

Seriously the floor is SUPER HOT! 

 The lovely Quokkas..It looks like a pint-sized kangaroo and it's very cute

 Helloooooo~ ^^ *awkward*

 Byeeeeeee Rottnest Island! 

So much of exercise, cycling and nice and i'm really enjoy with it! Such a wonderful and awesome one-day-trip in the end of 2012 :) 

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