Monday, November 29, 2010


5 days didn't update my bloggie~~
sorry my dear reader...=)
Intro to you guys a delicious and healthy food
mix-berry yogurt with honey oat crunchers 
u can buy it if you saw in your countries.
Is nice & healthy
What I had been this a few days?
I have a lot of picture to share with all of you slowly
Forgive my laziness pleasee...^^
I went to casino & eve last saturday
It's a good experience
I know why they like to gambling so much
but is not good
please don't ever addicted in it
finally i know how is the environment in the casino
i was so surprise
the one who build this should be damn rich for all his generation
even the CCTV also very near to each other
ps: if u will some money, then u better leave. Don't think that u'r good luck always.
u'll lose more than what u win.
Thanks Rylan for fetching & introduce  me 
Thanks Weijen for protecting me
Stay tuned for Wednesday night post !!
"A part of Perth! A part of my life!"
good night. =)

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