Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today is quite important for me
18th birthday!!
Turned 18 i must become mature~~ XDDD
I was feel PITY for my birthday
all of my friend is having party or chilled out with friend even family or else
but i'm totally difference
"18th birthday!!!"
last night i did not celebrate with anyone
thank my housemate Rylan for accompany me to count down =)
Birthday eve should be chilled around or party or else
but i'm rushing my homework ><"
how bad it's !!
Let's see some picture~~

This is a second present from Alvin
A warm slipper which is very suitable for winter 
"Thank you very much"
i did not thought that i'll receive any present this year
because is totally difference with the year before

Back view

Present & the birthday girl

12.15am...of 241110
A very surprise for me
Yoga, Alvin, Jaymin
prepare to give me surprise with a cake infront of my house
but they fail
because i saw them when they hiding~~ =PP
Thank you anyway
i did not thought any people will celebrate with me
so touch

Less photo here because i'm ugly ^^
i'm with sleeping cloth and the 3D spectacle 

Birthday cake with the magic candle 
the candle is keep burning 
even i blow off, after a minute
the candle will burn again
is very good candle in windy environment
the candle not burn like normally
is like the firework which we played since young
like star blinking 

"Chocolate strawberry cheese cake"
2 layer of strawberry jam in the cake 
beside the black things is orea
the cake is not creamy at all

Magic Candle
I'm 8 years old ^^

The morning have human biology class
i dress up & go to college
Thanks Rylan for fetching to school ^^

Marisa & me
She is a lovely lady in college
she is the one who take care me
& always give me advice
& also allow me to move out
Thank you Marisa~~

The cup cake fom Marisa =)

The funniest
inside the paper bag is not food
is chicken bone
Chicken bone from Eric
Pepper from Yohan
since they just know is my birthday

she is one year younger than me!!
A nice hongkong girl

Still have 40 minutes to end up my birthday
& tomorrow is a new days for me
Specially thank to my lovely mommy & daddy~~
thanks for brought me to this world
thanks for take care me in this 18 years
thanks for always worries about me
thanks for given me education
thanks for teaching me
thanks for everything
Appreciate so much

My birthday wish :
-Wish I can faster finish my course
-Wish i can pass all my subject with flying colour
-All people can be healthy and happy forever

Stay Tuned

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