Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sorry blogger~~due to my laziness, i delay my promise to one week later~~What's happened on this week? emmm...mid-trimester test, report outline due, finding a job, playing around, and last of course enjoy my life^^ Is December now, What you guys plan for christmas? I really hope i can celebrate Christmas with my lovely family and friend....Many question in my brain !! How is the decoration in Malaysia? nice? Where's my friend planing to celebrate? After Christmas is New year...What you guys will do in christmas eve and new year eve? "sign"....I'm boring here~~less friend, no job, no family here with me....I feel like wasting my time everyday, because i'm wasting my time on PPS & Sleep...i'm too enjoy here? Feel wanna shout out loud "I NEED A JOB!!!" "I HATE YOU LECTURE!!!" "I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!". I think i might be home-sick!! 

Here, i wanna thank you to someone really help me a lot......THANK YOU RYLAN WONG K.Y.!! Thank you cooking for me, take care of me, ask me out for exercise, fetch me to school, fetch me to have lunch/dinner, bring me out as i always hide in my room.........I know i'm fastidious to food, know nothing, no idea, no opinion, just like a kid !! haha...Anyway, THANK YOU !!

To be continue tomorrow~~!!

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