Tuesday, November 23, 2010


22 of November~~
a unlucky day
awake early to catch school bus
but the bus was full
so i need to walk to school
today class we have a test
but what lecture told us last week is totally difference with this week
wth =="
After the class Rylan n I went to Carousel
I bought some fruit since i need vitamin so much
let have look some picture...

My ex-housemate_Cherrie 

Look attracting you?
It's delicious, but expensive

The next i bought
price: Aus3.45

Love It

Still bought 7 of the peach
my lovely fruit
price: Aus5+/kg

Intro for you guys
my driver of the day =)
he is my housemate too
"thank you so much"

Had pizza with Cherrie as our dinner
after we went to look for the house
this is awesome
*Square puff double bacon and cheese*

Our side order
Chicken wings and Chicken scallop

Cherrie in the house~~

Stay tuned for more

...2 days...

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