Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yesterday was too buzy, so i didn't blogging =)
is Yanni birthday~~!!
i'm soooo bad, didn't wish her and no buy present too. =P
awake in 8am
dress up, then go to Shell to meet up Yoga*near my house
i get shock once i meet him
he drove a big big lorry
i can't believe
i just like omgomgomg
then he fetch me to his warehouse
and i start my job~~!! XDDD
my job is just pack the eggs in to 12/ctn
then pack in 20ctn to one box
that means one box have 240 eggs
and then chop the date and paste the lable
i got 2dollar for each box i pack
i earned 72dollar
but i broke 3 eggs. ~^^~
hahaaa.....i'm so happy...
thanks yoga(my boss also my classmate) so much..
night time after i work,
i saw a lot of star, is awesome
love star***

awake on 10.15am
rush to school
because i have an appointment with Len Nelson
he is a very nice guys
i told all my problem to him
and he will help me to settle
no worries about it
Cherrie accompany me to discuss with Len Nelson
feel my luck is coming back to me.
yeah, i got my job
i can study better
2 days they din open music loud to disturb my slp and study
good good good
i just done my exam about microsoft word in house
i got 3/20 wrong
omgg....weijen told me i can open the training work to see
but i fail to open *Sign..
going to work this evening..=)

Stay tuned~~~~!!

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