Monday, August 23, 2010

Bored Blog

21 August 2010
My house had a cocktail party
to celebrate Yanni's belated birthday
and celebrate that Yanni and Mike gonna marry soon
about 6.30pm
go to bath, dress up, make up
start to serve all the guess
and like a waiter..=="

a few days didn't update my blog.
working working and working
not bad also
i got AU188 on last week

23 August 2010
love the class of business math
although the lecture is soooo bored me
after the class,
meet up my sister at bus stop
then went to City and Habour town
i spend up Au40
include for food, drink and other.
gonna work harder to get money
and study harder can fast fast back M'sia.

Stay tuned for my boring blogger
hate it.
because is tooo boring..=PP

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