Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My primary school friend, Lee Kar Yen was passed away at morning, 24 August 2010
I still can't believe this is true
hate those stupid guys keep asking a lot of question
A happy, playful girl will never be in this world again
Rest In Peace
Rest in the heaven, be our angle
Bless you
Pray for U


  1. yun, do you know why she passed away?
    so shock when i knew is her..

  2. i not really know..
    bcoz got a few difference reason i got from my fren.
    1. Asthma in the morning and got 发羊吊
    2. 她前天半夜肚子痛 他妈妈给他吃保济丸 睡了一晚 第二天起不来了TT

    i still have a bit unbelieveable the true...
    she still that healthy before..