Monday, July 12, 2010


Now is 10: 10pm___12nd of July << Lun love the number
I'm hearing a song that i want to intro for you
郭静 - 心墙
this is a song that my cousin intro for me
tomorrow she will perform this song in a competition
*wish you all the best
 bless you always i do
my mood is not that good now
because i didn't sleep well then headache
i don't know why i can't sleep.
raining heavy now...
hearing of the sound of the water
just got a news from my mom
a custumer that i know
her son passed yesterday
although i don't know him as well
but i feel life is so weird ??
i don't know how to describe
* 珍惜你现在所拥有的,失去的时候就后悔莫及
don't regret at the end.
it won happened twice
and u can't go back.

a good new for all of you
haha..actually is my good news.
finally, i gain fat..!!
i know a lot of you will happy
I'm happy too..

is late now..
is time to sleep
if not I'll be late for tomorrow's class
good night babes. !!
I'll always pray for all of you.
please be happy and appreciate what you have now.!!

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