Friday, July 16, 2010

Everything will be alright !!

This my chat box with my babe..=)
recently keep web cam with her..
she's soooo cute.
I love you, bitch...
Wednesday went to City and had awesome breakfast at mcd with my sister

shopping around in City and Habour town

Thursday went to school to print out my lecture note
chit chat there with Danny and Grace
both of them are really talk active
*they admit it. =)

Friday went to school for my class
we have a test in class 3%
i did revision and practice
but once i get the answer sheet
i forgot all that what i done Thursday's night
I'm so stupid
bad memorizes
i used about 2-3hours to done the question when practice
the test only 30 minutes.
i get lose
i think I'll fail this 3%
After school,
went to book shop
bought a key code for computing assignment *SAM 2007
i paid AU 54.30
i just got a A4 paper
just went to Coles with my homestay's parent
i meet Danny and Grace there
and i saw Nakasole there
i sit down chit chat with them
and enjoy my bubble tea

My babe Mel Beh kena NS
so sad to her
i'm not beside her, i hope she is fine right now.. =)
"no worries, everything will be alright"
ps: i'm so disappointed to myself )':

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