Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bout 10th of July

Awake by the noise then open my laptop
I'm so additives in facebook
my classmate, Danny chat with me
then ask me to go to City
change my cloth then walk out to Karawara meet up him
we took bus to city
chit chat a lot
he is sooooo talk active
he look like a Malay, but actually he's not
"sorry ya dude"
he teach me English
how to pronounce properly
and he is the one who laugh my broken English
City not too big
we just keep walk again and again
then decide to eat Japanese food
he order a large bow of rice for me
i can't believe i finish it.
but i used 45min to finish it
we went to buy bubble tea
order a large blueberry bubble tea
the weather so cold keep raining
we sit aside and start to chit chat a lot
about 2 hours sitting there
I feel he's sooo pity after he told me his history
about 5pm+ we decide to go back
unluckily we miss the bus *one hour once
never mind then wait bout 30min for another
can arrive also but difference place *far a bit
back to house
reheat the curry rice
then baked chocolate cake together with Cherrie (housemate)
the cake is success and yummy
take a warm bath
chit-chat with my babes
upload my blogger
then sleep
a pretty tired days i had

no picture because i don't have a camera
is time to do my assignment.
stay tuned~~!!
xoxo~~!! =)

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