Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Toast with the BFF

I can't remember when this outing was~ maybe a few months ago? or half year ago? :)

Anyway~ just want to upload this, as a part of my memories? Blog is like my diary~ whenever I looked back to my old post, I will just laugh like nobody! Is silly~ A few days ago, I was looked back to my oldest post with Eddie...I realized how bad my English was, grammer mistake, "broken english?" HAHA! 
OK! I knew my english level is still "primary school" maybe? but at least I did improved a lot~ my confidence with my english speaking and even english writting skills was improved... *clap clap clap* should be proud of myself :) Anyway, I will keep improving~ ;)

OK~ back to the post~ 

Was hanging out to have breaky with my best friend "鱼儿“


ps: Photos was taken by Dot's camera_Sony NEX-3N
(really love her camera, highly recommended if you are looking for a camera, but too expensive for me ^^)

with my "justwokeup" face~ 

Yes, dont judge! is dolphin~ we saw dolphin when we are waiting for our meal....we was 3 dolphin...was so lucky and made my days! :)

Soy chai latte & hot chocolate

Cant remember the name...Egg Benedict? ><

East Perth

Beautiful lake side



I looked so fat with this dress in this photo~
dotty, you looked so thin and tiny~ 

My girl

Muackx Muackx

Polaroid is a must~

Hello~ :)

Promoting dot's bag~ Anyone interested?

I love her so much!
My BFF, my consultant, my classmate, my girlfriend.......everything!

Selfie of the day~ :)


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