Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Best Ramen Ever

Yay!! After so long, finally I have times to visit my fav ramen in Perth! 

Dosukoi @Frementle 

Going out along with my camera~ 

Eddie and I decided to have Dosukoi's ramen as I haven't had for ages~ :D
We ordered Tako yaki, Karaage, and a bowl of Ramen to share

Tako Yaki (octopus ball)

Karaage (Deep fried chicken)

Cant remember the name, but its ramen with thin slices of pork and served with miso base soup.

This is the best ever! 
The pork was too delicious! 

Mini ramen~ 

Don't ask for a mini ramen as they didn't serve it! HAHA!
I used to decorate my own whenever I share a dishes with Eddie~ 

Look great and taste fantastic! Satisfied~

Must try if you are in Perth / travel to perth! :)
ps: there are always a long line...the longest I had been waited for more than an hour~ but it is worth to wait for long~ :)

*iamhungry* :D

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