Saturday, October 23, 2010

22nd of Oct

22nd of Oct : 
Was sleep only 5 hours
take a noodles about 3 hours 30 minutes ><"
but haven finish yet.......
about 2pm,
Yumi, Boo, Hau, Jiahau, Cath, Bing, Syeli, Ken, David and Me
Went to eat PaoBing
I'm quite disappointed to that
The ice don't have the feel that what i want & i thought
never mind, the important is "I enjoy with my lovely gang^^ "
back house at 4.20pm, too late.
Because my brother told me that we need to go out on 4.30pm
Rush to bath, dress up & make up
then go out on 4.50pm 
Went to 1u to buy something
about 7pm, walk to One world Hotel to attend a Prom Night which is organize by KBU
Many lenglui there, but damn boring be at there
i just know david and my brother only
about 10.30pm continue in Chandran
with Jian, Mua, XX, YY, Kang, Joshua, Sam...'
That's my day~~!!

2 days more~~!! 

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