Friday, October 22, 2010

21st of Oct

21st of Oct :
Awake at 12.45pm, saw my phone have a message from boo
"Hau say 1pm come n fetch us. Prepare now."
I just like...omg, is damn late..
Hau, Boo, Hoe and I went to 1u for movie
"The other guys"
This movie not bad, very funny
although it is not popular at all
The rate i gave 8/10
After the movie, ate sushi in Sushi Zanmai
Recommend : Inari, Soft shell crab, Agedashi tofu, Salad with sesame dressing.
yummy yummy 
Hau fetch me back
then Jian fetch me up and rush to Taylor, lakeside campus
nice view and nice design of building
but it totally doesn't look like a campus
like a shopping complex & hotel ><"
i went there to become Jun's guess
Jun as a waiter to serve us
Jian, Han, Wei and me as guess
Thanks Jun for the dinner & good service ^^
food was not bad and i love the drink
Lastly of cause is yam cha session
Saw many friends there

Sign...3 days moreeee~~!! TT

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