Thursday, August 5, 2010

Everything Learn from the Basic

My mood today is good because i have enough of sleep ytd. XD
Sleep is always important to me...^@^
I'm now in the same computer room,
although today don't have class but i come to school too
not because of hardworking
but i feel that the table in my room is too small,
light is too dark, hard to study as well.
just receive a message from Cherrie
"Yanni is crazy!!!!! She get into our room and take the heater away!!!"
"She said that we didn't turn it off when go out "
i think will have a big arguments tonight.
what i said before, they will be crazy once a week
Cherrie told me that Yanni ask her to say thank you because she clean up the toilet in the morning
but actually the toilet is i clean it up before i come to school.
weird right?
whatever she want to take it, but she can't take the heater
I have biology exam tomorrow.
Hope it not influence my exam. =)
I want to learn all the thing from basic.
English from basic grammar

Stay tuned.....=)

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