Friday, July 2, 2010

New Life

long time i din update it.
I'm kinda lazy now...
but i have nothing to do,
let's talk about my new life
I'm now in Australia.
i have been here about 5 days dy.
tell all of you here some common question that u all always ask and i feel so annoying me. haha.

1. Which part of Australia are u going?
Perth *such a boring place

2. What college are you studying?
Curtin international College

3. What course?
Certificate 4 in university Foundation studies
*health science

4. How much it's cost?
the 1st year is AU 13600
*i know is expensive

5. How are you there?
I'm fine, thank you.

6. Where r you stay?
I'm living in home stay

7. How about your home stay parents?
they are very nice, but i just hate the food although is healthy

8. How you going to school?
Walk. about 20min ++

9. Is your family there with you?
No, is just my sister here.

10. When you start your school?
5th of July

STAY TURNED...Will upload more about my life.
no worries me here..=)
is 11.06pm now
good night everyone.
I'll always be fine, be strong, and be smart. =)

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