Friday, July 30, 2010

End of July

I'm back...=)
my blog gonna be dead soon.
i'm kinda lazy to touch my blog,
even step in to have a look

today is end of July
once again to all my july babes..
Love you babes...^^

i'm now in computing room 205.230
plan to done my assignment today
moody today.
because i didn't sleep for the whole night ytd
i dunno
i just can't fall as sleep
althought i'm so tired.
so good that i didn't fall asleep in leacture today
i almost fall asleep for every friday lecture
next week have 2 test
+u+u+u+u ^^
i know a lot of ppl same as me
exam, assignment, persentation.....
spm and pmr also coming soon.
all of you start and get stress
so, try ur best guys.
Good luck may not help you much. =)

stay tuned.. xoxo !!!

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