Saturday, December 26, 2009

Metro prima.

my life after spm getting busy and busy going out
can be say going out everyday..
went to metro prima v my fren to watch movie
ken come n fetch me, then continue to fetch all ppl, soonyip, jiahui, sheuelin and suetli
the way ken fetch ppl something wrong, he go to selayang from wangsa permai, then back to desa jaya continue to sri damansara then metro prima. his car can be said like using water not petro
but is not fault of ken.
our photo on that day, happy going out v then althought very tired.

went to gasoline after the movie

funny. ><

playing card after finish our meal

The End
so happy and appreciate, dunno when we can go out as the day we out
thx ken always fetch us without complaine.=)

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