Friday, December 25, 2009

Ballet's Concert

wake up early morning bout 7am to bath, dress up and make up...
then prepare my cosmetics and walk out to meet my dear, take breakfast v her, then she fetch me to FRIM..
have a ballet's concert there, i'm the one who help all the performer to make up, take care of the child and help the concert to run smooth..

i feel happy that i stil can help in that concert although i din participate as a dancer
except 4 me, jun, jian and X(i forgot wat he's name)>< is also going to be helper..
let's intro a very cute girl to u-my babe rain, miss her so much

cute right? she's very thin, hard to find a better costume 4 her..just use pin to pin it..
she's also a very naughty and noisy girl..cute, miss her so much...=)

she keep follow me at the whole concert to run through..
and i just hug her tightly, because she keep conplain to me that she very cool..

she is ying ying.. a very good dancer, even she fall on the stage that she 1/2 way to perform, but she stil continue to dance well with a bright smile..=)

about 5pm, jun, jian, X and me rush out from the hall..after fetch jun and X back, to fetch mua then straight away to KL, MTC hall.
the 'Charity Dance Concert' is start on 5.30pm, when we reach there, the show had started
find our sit, then enjoy the concert..
after the concert, invited by gg to take photo up stage.
so happy that i saw a lot of fren and my lovely teacher..
toong, gg, yannshan, qiaoyee, xiaoying, xiaotheng, huiling, elaine, aihong, yinping......
so happy, appreciate... =)
let's have a look v my photo..

so touch when i saw siau ying jiejie, gonna hug her tightly..
pm: u always my idol, like ur style to dance, like ur make u so much...=)

gigi, elaine anf torng
like ur dance, so cool...=)

yann san and hui ling
can't believable that i saw hui ling there, she is my standard 5's teacher

siau ying jiejie, torng, siau theng jiejie
pm: siau theng jiejie, u'r so sexy..u'r the good dancer nor ballet or belly dance ...=)


jian, gigi and mua

i like ur bightly smile so much...+U, u can also same as siau ying jiejie, be a professional ballet dancer..=)

miss my fren, lovely teacher and BALLET so much...=)


    i do love the 1st picture that siauyin hug you.
    sooooo.. nice and got touch de feel.XD
    i also very miss you ar..
    call me out to yamcha ar..T.T

    LOL.u also hope that i could same as her.
    but.. LOL..very hard.XD

  2. haha..i love the pic too...=)
    okok, i'll call u out...
    i hope too, not hard 4 u la...
    +U+U..if 4 me, is super hard, 4 u is juz easy only...=)