Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is My Day

This was happened my birthday!
I want to share my happiness and save this as my memory~ 
The most unforgettable birthday :)

Thank you so much for my boyfie - Eddie

He made me feel like i am a princess (one-day-princess) and he is my prince.

He prepared the surprise for me on the day, he did not even tell me where to go, he just said go somewhere far away~ He pick me up from my house around 11am....
He rang my phone and asked me to open the door for him, as outside was sunny and hot! so I opened the door for him. He was standing outside the door holding a pink cooler bag and white rose.

Tadaaaa~ okay! not a big brunch, but is more than enough for me :)

After dressed up, we went to Zucchero @ Victoria Park for breaky. 

The decorations are really special~ 

What I do when my food/drink come...
This is what most of the Asian do as well...:)

Then taste it! :)

Photo photo photo & selfie before my foods are ready. 

Opsss~ This is Eddie~ (He is going to kill me :P)

My Soy Chai Latte (ps: not soya bean)

His flat white

Big breakfast

My fatty

After the breaky, he brought me to the "secret" place....

To be continue...

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