Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vitamin ME

Vitamin Me

I was confusing what is "Vitamin me" means..and was pending on the draft!
I was no idea what should i post about..was doing a lot of research about it, about this campaign..huh..I know my English is suck! :(
But this is a good chance for me to win a $5000 holiday in Queensland

What is vitamin me?
For me, "vitamin me" means of the natural sources, environment for me to relax myself, refresh my body and mind, also given me a new life and new me~
Vitamin me is like a energy station, also the vitamin of all (Multivitamin).. It's activated by adrenaline, wonder and excitement. Found in foods, natural, and good times. It's the antidote to routine, an elixir for the spirit. 
To know more about it / to test your vitamin me levels click here

How could I boost "Vitamin Me" levels with a $5000 dream holiday to Queensland?
Is very easy for me if I won it...Enjoy the Trip!! :) 
If I have the chance, i'll also bring my parents along, they been busy for 19years to take care of me, now is the time for them to have a good rest. 
For sure to snap around and blog it for my lovely friends, enjoy the environment, enjoy the food! It will be lovely~ 

beautiful and tranquil Queensland

The activities

The sunshine 

The City



Night View

The Rainforest


Aboriginal Culture & Art


Of course for the FOOD

And the dessert

Thank you very much to Tourism Queensland & Nuffnang Australia