Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Letter To You

To you:

Although i does not like you, including your personality, attitude, behaviors, and thinking, but everyone have their own style to alive in the world. I tried to accept it, but i hope you can try to have a little change. I'm not saying of changing because of me, but because of yourself also. I'm pretty sure you cant live in this cruel world with your freaking attitude. You will lose everything one by one, just because of your stubborn. You are smart and clever, but didn't you realize that your friends is away from you one by one? Try to have a little thinking, why is it happened on you? Is anything can change the results? You knew what is good and bad, but i can told you that "why you are only looking clear on every single one around you, but not yourself?"
We tried to tolerate on everything of you, but you  are still not satisfied, and becoming over and over. We tolerated you is just because we want to be friend to you, understand you, but not letting you becoming over and over. Do you know what are you doing? Is this the way you talk to people every time? Is this the way you maintain your friendship? Is this the way you treated your friend? Don't you know is too over for everyone in your life? If you want to discuss something with someone, you want to have some planning with someone, have an idea with someone, please talk in the way you are discussing with someone. If you are bagging someone, please talk in the way you are pleasing someone. However! not talking in the way you are right COMMAND to someone. You can be he queen or even a princess in your family, but for friendship, you are the same with everyone, you are not special and offered to be the master.
You know what? I really very super HATE you before with your stupid attitude and behaviors, but now I felt pitiful for what's happening in your life and you still pretending nothing was happened. You are strong enough, but i hope you can change the way of thinking.
Don't you feel hard living in this planet? you like to compare everything with everyone. Is this the way you can train yourself to be better? But don't you know people around you are very stress? Please try to think the feeling of every single beside you, no matter what are you doing. I hope you can change yourself, and we are still friend. Don't be selfish~

From: Eunice Lai

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