Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My lovely month_November !!!
Many people love November, expecially student
November means is time to have a long break.

Say "Hi" to November =)

1st of Nov 
Went to Carousel bought some stuff
then bought Lottery
I walk to the shop
Me: "Can i have one of this please?"
S :" Are you 16 and above?"
Me :" Sure, I'm"
S :" Can you show me your id?"
Me :" okay "

2nd of Nov
A small part of my university
I took it when waiting the school bus
School bus is so cute
& it's yellow & white colour
took it next time

Fried rice $ 4

The rice is difference compare to Malaysia's rice
Do you notice that?

This is what i need everyday 
Is SUMMER now !!
I hate it
Sun Burn everyday
36 degree & above everyday
i heard someone said is going to 43 degree & above next week
my leg was crack
My lips also the same
I did drink a lot of water
but still the same
althought the water is so smelly =(

This is what i bought for summer !!
2L only $1.20
summer fast fast go away !!
CNY come come =)
Miss my family
Miss my home
Miss my MALAYSIA !
Can't believe i miss Malaysia ><"

...Stay tuned...

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