Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Human Biology

Human biology is HARD !!

Let's take about today, 
i have a morning class which is human biology
& today's topic is "The Reproductive System"
If the chapter are going to discuss in F5/F4
the whole class sure will be noisy
the one who never pay attention in class also will be interested in it.
I almost felt in sleep in the class
the lecture is bored me
we have 28 ppl for the class
only 3 girls which keep asking question
they seem like very interested in it
ya, asking question is good student
but they never ask so much question in class !!
all of us like "omg, question question question again"
it making the lecture longer & longer
they like to ask those question which is quite far from the chapter
"Why men will get scrotum cancer?"
"How this cancer developing?"
"If the no sperm in men's body, how could they relax?"
"Why mother's blood & baby's blood is not mix?"
"Will the men sperm-less?"
many question that the lecture couldn't give the answer,
just ask them to search themselves then tell the class
today's topic separate to 3 part
-Male reproductive system
-female reproductive system

At the 1st i still can open my eyes
slowly slowly my eyes become heavy
until the end,
i start to make my own note
ignore the lecture

Once the class end
the whole class was so happy
everyone is yawning
then the lecture said 
"sorry for the lecture, but i must give all the detail for you guys,
i promised no next time " -.- 

My last investigate report got 3.9/5 
my conclusion only get 3/13
Because i don't know how to explain those question in detail
my worst part is EXPLANATION

omg !!
MISS secondary school life !!
Do you guys same with me ?!

To those who having SPM:
+u+u all the best to you guys 

..7 days more..


  1. Well then how come you're not interested? XD

  2. hey, i know who u r...
    i'm interested in biology but the way she teach is so bored me and make me not interested in it...><"

  3. If the lecturer is handsome and tall, things will be different... heh~

  4. no....all the same~~!! if the lecture talk faster then will be ok...