Saturday, November 13, 2010


Sorry for uploading so many post in a days
My blogging mood in ON
and my study moon also ON

12 of November
Awake on 10am+
facebook, blogging
dress up 
the important is apply sunblock =)
Rylan, Erik, Paul and I 
went to Weijen's house for the lunch
Because of don't know the way 
so i follow Rylan 
we took bus to Oats Street
then took train to Queens Park
unluckily we took the wrong train
then took another train to back to Queens Park
After arrived in Queens Park, 
we saw Paul is going to Weijen's house also
so we decide to walk together 
because all of us don't know his house
About 15 minutes+ finally we arrived

some photo here..

Our chef_Weijen
Thank you for the delicious meal 

Egg with prawn and crab stick 


“每一滴都是精华”by Erik

Grilled Chicken 

The most delicious meal ever i had in Perth 

The last of course is ME~~!! 


Happy Birthday to Boo Xu Zang
Wish you all the Best & Dreams come true
Fast Fast find a  DaiSou
Best Friend Forever =)  

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