Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13, 2010

My last decision is not moving out
because need find another home stay or guardian is SO hard !!
giving a lot of trouble for me
i still left 3 month only, then i can move out easily
so, just waiting with patient
Cherrie is not here and i feel weird
today need to submit my assignment of biology
i done, but a lot of problem after discuss with my classmate
like, we have difference year of discovery and name of discovered.
then keep search online, until 2.30am
awake on 7.40am
then take school bus to school
lazy me...
after 1st class, communication
Went to Karawara have lunch with a few of my classmate.
Thanks Weijen for the apple green tea
my favourite =)
my 2nd class, biology
get my 1st tests mark_____79%
not that high but still can be accept
then class is only about 45minutes
is so fast, and don't feel like wanna back house
so, online in school...=)
blogging, facebooking, and revision

Is Weekend~~~!!
Everybody should feel happy with that
but i feel so sad,
i hope i can have class everyday~~!!
yes, my home stay problem...
Be tough, be patient, be kind, be nice, be careful, be............
kinda crazy....

stay tuned~~!!
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