Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kuantan Trip


14 of June until 16 of June
went to Kuantan

14 of June
start our journey at 4pm
arrive there bout 6.30pm++
feel so disappointed when once arrive
but slowly become okay
had steamboat there
i ate a lot. i love fish more then meat
slp bout 10pm

15 of June
awake at 6am
change my cloth, wear my lens, take my bottle
then jump up to the lorry that we lent to go to jungle
not to said jungle, the place we want to go they called it
"rainbow waterfall"
is very hard to went thr
1hour++ by car.
then 1hour++ by walk
so crazy.
not bad
at least can get a lot of experience

16 of June
5.30++ only awake
we suppose to wake up on 5am
went to 林明山看美丽的日出
but i FAIL
i din complete to climb until the end
i'm sick
although i din up until the end
but is enough dy
i climb until i saw the cloud is under me
take so photo and take a rest
then walk down slowly
my leg can't stand well
keep shaking
and sore
bout 10am
check out and back to kepong.
~~~~27th of June~~~~

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