Wednesday, June 23, 2010

12 of June

12 of June is aaron and alvin's birthday
actually i'm kinda lazy
don't feel like blogging.
intro the birthday boy for you 1st

Aaron Kong
A stupid and cute guy
if u ask me wat is the 1st in my mind that u ask me bout him?
he keep said himself like sh, maybe he is
bt nobody wil said that except you, aaron kong
he is a nice guys too.

Alvin Kong
A shy and quiet guy
din talk as much
erm...his characteristic is much difference with aaron
if you dunno them mayb u'll feel that there r look alike
if you know them u'll said that they r totally difference

A present from chee hau
Rm 10 each
chee hau asked them to walk around 1u with the toy gun
many ppl stare at them
still they got a box of condom from lun
Rm 7++ each *if i not rmb wrong

the twins
we have out dinner at wong kok
had 2 big big tea
all of us drink the tea until blur
i juz can said the tea is so 'tea'


the next station,
went to fetch up lolipop and syeli
then head to Chandran

lolipop and lun
so sweettt...

lulu =)

Stay turned***

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