Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Count DowN

Let's count down =)

I still have 24 days in Malaysia

I'm so nervous and worries
-i'm worries bout my home stays parent. R they fierce??
-i'm worries bout my language. my english, my grammer. omg
-i'm worries bout communicate with each other. my broken english><
-i'm worries bout my school. too big, scare that i need a map.
-i'm worries bout my homework. Can i follow up??
-i'm worries bout weather. I'm scare winter.
-i'm worries bout my family, i'll miss them so much * miss my fren too =)
-i'm worries bout internet in homestay. heard they din provide. how can i do my assignment?
-i'm worries bout................too many to worries...
All my lovely friends: I'll miss all of you~~!!!

***Who wanna date me?? Please tell me early,let me feel free to go out. =)

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