Friday, April 12, 2013

Uni Life

Finally back to uni after the prac~ 
This is the second weeks for me in the uni....but is already WEEK 6!!
Cant believe it is week 6 already~ :P the benefit for nursing student! HAHA~

hmm...i still don't feel like I'm a student! 
I saw my friends rushing assignment, have group meeting, have to study for their mid-term exam.....etc~ but I'm not~! ohwell~ is good for me, but i am a little jelly~ because that is a uni student life should be?!~ haha.

I had submitted one assignment yesterday...I had completed the assignment last week, as I am too free for assignment...I hate rushing in last minutes, although last minutes work sometimes have a better outcome~ 

I am very forgetful, this is why i love using my purple diary!
*specially thanks to student guild for the free diary and guild membership!

I like to be organize for my semester
In case I forgot my assignment and stuff~ 

Happily back to uni with the BFF, Dotty
We met each others in semester 1. I still remember how awkward we met in nursing practice class. She was the one who helping me a lot with assignment and test, the one who doesn't laugh at my broken English, the one who chit-chatting with me......:)
Thank you for everything and nice to having you in my life~ 
The "Genius"! HAHAHHAHA 

Uniform Thursday!! 
*my round round face -.-*

Back to assignment~ :)

I am currently planing to buy a camera~ any suggestion?!

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