Monday, April 1, 2013

Day Trip In Perth

Hello everyone, How's your holiday? Is long weekend + Easter day + my tuition free week. Yay! I had planned a long list to get rid of my boredom. But plan is always a plan, as everyone knew, work is harder then plan. HAHA! Anyway, I will still try my best to do it! :)

I found blogging is so hard for me! My brain just gone blank, and no idea with what I am blogging about. My broken english, grammar mistake......totally not confidence with my english level. >< soooo jelly with those blogger who can write like a thousand of words. ==

OK, back to the post. Me and my boyfie having our long weekend holidays, so decided to go to swan valley. Just because I missed the food~ :P  Here is some photo~

On the way~ :)
*Spot my iphone case~ xixi

Here We Are!!! :D @Penny Garden

We ordered a serve of garlic bread as our entree,

Mediterranean seafood pot as our main to share,
[red emperior fish wing, blue swimmer crab, prawns, calamari & diced sweet lip snapper in a gralic, paprika paste & tomato broth, with Turkish bread]
Sounds nice, right? It is very nice (if you like seafood)

Iced coffee 

Last, Chocolate mousse cake as our dessert! 

We are FULL~!!

Next station: Armadale~ 

All the way (about 35min drive) just to see a house building~ lolssss
I like the uncover roof~! so niceeee

Guess! Where is our next station? 
I am getting tired~ but we are still continue with our day trip! :)

Next station: Scarborough beach
We actually bought bubble tea with us....imaging the beautiful sunset view with bubble tea~! wonderful life~ HAHA!

Unfortunately, our bubble tea.........vvv
Feed the ground and the grass~ >< too careless
such a waste also~

Hungry sea-gull starring at the foodsssss~ 

Just LIKE the view~ ^^

Next, we planned to have hot choc at dome...
unluckily! DOME is CLOSED!  

with the boyfie ~:)

Next station : King's park & botanic garden
The view is so nice when the star are blinking on the sky,
when most of the building had turned the light off just because of Easter long weekend holiday. The wind was just right, and wasnt too cold for me. Everything just perfect! 
*especially I like to observe the star~

I am satisfied with everything today~
Specially thanks to my boyfie for everything! 

Of course I will not forgot with my dessert as supper~!! xixi~ *fatty*

Take away a coconut juice with aloe vera, and to-fu-fa from Sweet Fix!

The to-fu-fa is so smooth!
I love it~

OK! It's 12am~ and im going to sleep!
Thanks for reading my not-so-interested post~
HAHA! Good night and wish you have a Happy Easter and Happy April Fool!

Last photo of the day! 
is also the Polaroid of the day~ 

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