Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Resolution

2013 Resolution?! 
I'm kinda struggling with this! When someone asked, I'll just stunned and said :"I have nooooo ideaaaaa"

I did some research on the top 10 most common new year's resolution, but it shouldn't be mine! It's really common like learn something new, eat healthy, exercise regularly.....bla bla bla......This is a common things we HAVE to be, but shouldn't be our new year resolution?!
hhmmmm....I'm wondering what I need?!  A target for new year?! I really have no idea~ I'm kind of lazy people...sooooooo, as far as i can get a really good job in this year and earn my school fees by myself. That's everything~ I'm just simple and dont have a high demand for myself. As long as I passed my 3rd year in nursing, and earn money! Yup~ money money money MONEY! Need money seriously~ :( If you said "lifeless", I will just said "Yup! whatever~" 

As a student, I wont give myself or even force myself to achieve something. However, I'll still improve myself~

A new year resolution for me is a new target that is new for me, a new target to achieve, a new mission that I havent try before, also a new things i dont dare to do! 

Now! the important things is BLOG MORE!! STUDY!! AND MONEY!! 

How about your new year's resolution?

Please feel free to comment or you can pm me via facebook to let me know what's your resolution~ ^^

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