Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A short update


Hello peopleee~ hmm...I am finally have the time to blog....I know right! I'm so sorry to my blog...I have been ignoring my blog for agess~ not even have a look on it...you will realize I'm a lazy blogger, but a very active Instagramer, if you did follow my Instagram...^^

Finished my semester 4....This semester is totally different compare to the previous semester that i have done....I cant be bother about...just hope to finish it as soon as possible! Although it seem like not even a semester because of absence of classes, however I have completed the semester anyway! Yay!!

I'm thinking what to update right now == hmm....*okay! I have nooooo ideaaaa~ *

Just realized I have 6 draft post pending in my draft box~ ^^ However, I'll update one by one......stay tuned for all the long long post!! (: Cant wait to share all my story for you guys...

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