Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nursing ♥

Finally I have the times to sit my ass down and start blogging.. The second clinical placement in this semester!:) 我对这次的Clinical Placement真的又爱又恨  被派到去Aegis Shawford Lodge, Aged Care Facilities @Innaloo...

"Semester 3 10 days prac Monday-Friday over 2 weeks
You have been allocated to AEGIS Shawford Lodge"

 A journal that nurses must gone through..
两个星期说长不长  说短不短  


9 of the student nurses with a clinical teacher, come from Curtin University, the changes of relationship became closer to each other within two weeks.. Work together, smile together, eat together, laugh together, tired together, hungry together, gossip together, depress together and DEMENTIA TOGETHER!.. :) Thank you girls, and I'm glad that I have you all works together... The awesome moment within that two weeks have you guys accompany *shift eye*.. 

At the first day, We have to meet up at the place on 8am...because I have to catch the public transport and the place are very far away form my house..so i have wake up pretty early to catch the bus...I walk out to the bus stop when the sky are still dark...
Have to wake up early in the freezing morning = killing me everyday! 

Alarm must be sat before going to bed everyday... *poor life* :(

Although I have to wake up earlier, but the moment that I enjoyed most is taking public transport! I love to take public transport with workers.. I feel like i'm also one of the professional..haha..but not, I'm just a student...=P I swear you wouldn't know how crowd is the train and bus... "上班族的感觉太棒了" :P

A breakfast made up my days. Coffee gave me energy. 
I feel so sorry to myself, because I didn't actually have my breakfast everyday! Sorry stomach*** I think is because i doesn't have my proper meal on time, that's why i lose my weight (41.2kg now *I know I should gain weight*)...): I lose 1kg+ within that two weeks *Awkward!*

Curtin have a bad organised and manage skill on this semester!! 
On the website shown, it doesn't said we have two different shift to work with, but at the first day, our clinical teacher (Lynda) said we supposed to work with different shift to get more experiences..*sad case* My psychology doesn't prepare to work with different shift... However, we end up working with the time shift below~
AM shift means 7am-3pm ; PM shift means 1pm-9pm
and we have learning section + paper work section between 1pm-3pm for everyone

Hot chocolate is a must in everyday! Yay!! It warm me up every morning~ Love the machine so much, I hope I can get one in my house, then I can have it everyday! AWESOME!!  

What am I actually do while working? okay..hmm...Observe people, showering people, making their bed, change their cloth and pad, feed people, and...... yup, is exactly the same with carer! *This is not a nurses job...is a carer job! don't be confused.. I wouldn't do this kind of stuff after graduate...>< 
I didn't take picture while i'm working, and not taking picture of the environment, because we are not allow to carry the phone with personal, also I feel like taking photo while working is not as a professional...xixi...be professional while working as a nurse, yes, WE are! :) 
The paper work everyone struggling with, especially Michelle~ haha..but finally we all done! :D  Hate paper work, because my English is suck! and my grammar.....TT
Thanks Lynda help me correct it, also help me write in a proper way..

We are allocated into different department and swipe once in 3 days..
the department I love most is low care! I'm so happy to work there, everyone is so lovely, so nice and kind to me..♥ 
the department I hate the most is extra services, nothing much I can helps...:( Feel so sorry to them while working there...I am the troublemaker...><
High care department (Dementia)..I feel so depress and so sad while working there..Everyone is dementia, including me! :( I was affected by them, and so being "dementia" while working there..haha..Feel so sad to them, because a few of them will ask me to bring them home, and said they want to go back home..I feel so sad, so depress, because I know they will never go back! :( Please dont send your parents to any age care while they getting old..this is our responsibilities to take care them, because they take care us since we born..Hope their family go to visit them frequently..

 Here.........ignore my ugliness and my eyes bag...;P 
It is not easy to study in nursing, but I really enjoyed it! :)

Special thanks to Dorothy here...Thank you for everything..I had a lots of happy memories with her within two weeks! We catch train together, she bring me lunch, we have Maccas together, she fetch me home in the night..........and we went to city after the prac end! :) I ♥ Her..

Here some photo took on the last days of prac!! 
"Each moment of your life is a picture,
and the picture is a memory forever in your life"

The freeway 

Here is the cute Meridee and blur Ellen 

The Girlssssss... 

Took this secretly after the presentation..yay!
Good job everyone...I know everyone presented their best on that days...except me..:( 

Right: Chelsea-Sonja-Me
Left: Sonja-Meridee *Spot their funny caption*



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Stay Tuned for the next post..

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