Thursday, January 12, 2012


I know i have to blog something~ I know! but............LAZY
I becoming more lazy in Malaysia~
sooooo~ should I go back as soon as possible?
No way!!

My laptop reformated...I hate my laptop reformat
I lost everything~ ><

Some must asked how is your christmas eve and christmas?
how is your new year eve?
okay~ my life is kinda boring~
I was celebrate christmas eve at Lun's house
the gang decided the day before to have a steamboot party
since Lun's parents stay at the new house


new year eve was celebrate at Kimbery's house
thank you to her mom for the foods and drinks
I was really enjoy the BBQ party

It's boring? I doesn't like to pop in the crowed~

A new year, new life, new me, new target!

My target to achieve in 2012:
- Pass year 2 (I really hope i can study well)
- Improve my english (improve in writing, grammer, oral...)
- change my bad temper
- be brave to talk in front of public, louder and be confidence when communicate
- Save money to buy a digital camera
- Save money to go to Taiwan

A short update~ ^^

Stay tune for "Malacca Trip"

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