Friday, March 25, 2011

March 2011

Sorry for the last post which are coming soon? Haven even gets the photo from my friend so I could not upload it. "I'M SORRY"
Okay, I'm busy with my education recently. I am being lost with everything. Already week 4 now! But I learned NOTHING. I had a short answer test on last Wednesday, but the result is pretty bad for me. I'm starting to be crazy with my life right now! I haven been used to university life I guess. I have several assignment is due continually, oral presentation, interview, solving for case study and couple of things. I'm not lazy to done it, but I do not know how to done it. The major factor which causes me lost in university is my English! English is not my first language, I felt so difficult for me. I felt so useless, so stupid and so brainless. I felt so freaking bad! Felt really sad and disappointed. Sign. Thanks for E always company me and console me. 
Recently my skin becomes super dry. You cannot imagine how dry is it and do not said you understand! Sure you are thinking:" apply lotion then". I can tell you LOTION is now USELESS for me. I apply after bath every day, but my skin becoming more serious. My leg is cracking; my skin is peeling so badly. Is not just my hand or leg, is whole body, including my stomach, my hip, my back....I felt so disgusting with my dry skin. Any product which is good for dry skin?


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