Monday, November 8, 2010

8th of Nov

Having Communication Skill 2 today
awake early
then took the school bus in Bentley
1st time i took it
is soooo full
and one of my friend, Yohan 
said that be careful
because sometime is full
so need to walk to school
After the class,
went to Carousel alone
yes, 1st time going there alone
i bought a lot of thing 
food for a few weeks
so heavy
one of the disadvantages in this house is
no nearest bus stop
i walk from school to house with 2 heavy bags
pity =(

Any difference?

My left eye had make up with eyeliner & mascara

clear enough? 

Can see the line that i draw from?
Just simply & for fun =)
Any comment?

My dinner
Thanks to uncles & aunt for the dinner
*Due to my landlord is the boss of a restaurant, 
so i can have the same food for everyday
if they din sold out =)

Still have this
Thanks Rylan for Choco.Strawberry
Dessert with drama “读心神探“
I finished the drama
is time for STUDY !!
My target in this sem is all get 75% & above
i will try my best
study harder
New environment, new life, new of me !

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