Friday, August 27, 2010


Went to Carousel with my sister today
^^^^^^What i bought..
a useful and cute mini tools
inside have a staple, bullets, celephone tape and 打洞机 *don't know in English*
not 1dollar, is juz 75cents..
so cheap.
only 3 days i use up Au150++
and i just paid rental for next month: Au 1000
totally POOR~~!!
need to work as hard as i can
earn it back
Went to buy some wedges to eat Au3.25
I love Wedges
before we go to bus stop,
went to toilet to wash our hand
something super funny happened
make me laugh like nobody
non-stop laughing
Someone walk in front of me
she walk very fast and cool
but she didn't realise that she go in to male toilet
i called her come out immediately, but she just keep walking inside
said "wat?"
"this is male toilet"
then she run out, and then both sopoo laugh like nobody
damn funny
luckily nobody in the toilet,
and i didn't follow her go inside.

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