Tuesday, August 10, 2010

9 August 2010

Went to Carosel with sister after the class until 5pm
we didn't notice the time is passed soo fast.
I back house about 6pm
When having dinner, Mike said will discuss about the house rule after the dinner.
Our discuss is only about 10-15minutes..
Not much we discuss
Mike speech is become louder, faster and more rude
Cherrie become angry and angry
and i just sit there listen and try to argue
I din't angry for ytd night, i don't know why...
A few point which make a lot o big arguement
first is they can enter our room, no privacy......
second id shower time,
he take another books out, and said inside this book is record all the rule that available for homestay
and he said inside is just wrote 3 minutes for all homestay student. He give us 5 minutes is very kind. 10 minutes is too long time, waste the water, somemore lack of hot water.
after that he told us, that Yanni complain she bath using cold water, because we finish up the hot water.
but when we argue that sometime we also take shower using cold water, he scold that because the time we bath too long.
then still some arguement *i forgot
Mike said you still here need to follow any rule that he give, if you don't follow or dislike the rule just move out.
at last, Mike and Cherrie get super angry
then Cherrie tear the paper in front of Mike
Cherrie will move out on this Thursday
and I still finding a homestay.
make a lot of trouble for me.
Still need to go to school make appointment to complain.
i still have exam, assignment, essay.....

Stay tuned.........=)

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